​Welcome to Almighty British Labs
By doing selective breeding’s, we expect to have some of the best well-rounded British gun dogs and family companions.  We train on our 12-acre property along with a 2,000 plus acre property we have access to.  Our dogs are genetically free of EIC, PRA, CNM either through parentage or testing. You can expect a great pup/dog when you come to Almighty British Labs.

Almighty British Labs is locally owned by Kaden Lor in Forest Lake Minnesota, thirty minutes from the Twin Cities. We seek some of the best British pedigrees and conduct hands on training for hunt tests, tournaments, and hunting to insure we are breeding dogs with the best qualities. As it's crucial for a dog to have certain attributes/skills to perform their best for hunting, we've selected dogs that have shown the ability to mark with precision, utilize their sense of smell, demonstrate perseverance and courage along with great temperament and looks.

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